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Compact and waist portable radio remote control

Complete system with 4 switches (3 positions each) for the machine controls, 1 switch to start/stop the radio control and horn, 1 emergency stop button.

Customizable control panel (on request). Internal lithium battery (rechargeable) that lasts up to 50 hours in continuous transmission and recharges quickly. Wiring of the receiver is easy and fast; to the same receiver, you can match up to 20 transmitter units. The identification code is unique and immune to possible interferences in the commands from any other system in the area of use.

The MITO electronics automatically searches the best available frequency, without interruption of operation (bi-directional LBT Listen Before Transmit system). The antenna is internal (external option is also possible for mounting in protected panels). VETTA is a strong and reliable radio remote control, perfect to command remotely a variety of electrical systems (operating distance: 150 m). Lightweight casing with ABS highly reliable components and ideal shape to be used with one single hand.

The standard package includes: VETTA transmitter, MINI receiver, power supply ELCA-CLIP, belt for VETTA transmitter, user manual.