Programming of PLCs, servo controllers, servo drivers, frequency converters and other programmable devices in industrial automation

  • Programming PLCs from various manufacturers and classes
  • Programming operator panel
  • Programming SCADA system
  • Programming servo controllers, devices that are used for software coupling and synchronization axis of the machine
  • Adjustment and commissioning of the frequency inverters, soft starters, DC regulators and step regulators
  • Adjusting and optimizing the various programmable devices


Repair and maintenance of industrial machines

  • Software fault diagnosis in industrial equipment – The real cause of failure, frequency converters and servo driver is occasionally impossible to find without a software device access.
  • Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment – Obsolete electrical equipment, old and non-transparent cabinets are common in many industrial plants. Such equipment should be carefully maintained, and failures are frequent and varied.
  • Modernization and overhaul outdated electrical cabinets – In many cases reparations of used machines proved to be a wise decision. Some of the advantages include lower price, adaptation functions according to user demand, as well as utilization of mechanical assemblies old machines that are sometimes more reliable and do not lag behind in quality for the new assemblies.
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance – Timely intervention in the field, as well as preventive and routine maintenance of industrial systems, plant and machinery is often very important for the smooth operation of the plant without failures and downtime.
  • Advising in the purchase of new and used equipment and machinery.

Reactive Power Compensation

For a long time there was an opinion that the source of energy in constant operation, it can not be qualitatively improved and that does not significantly affect the efficiency and cost of production, and that the whole energy factories in fact the jurisdiction of public services such as “Power Supply Companies”. By changing the social system and with the introduction of a market economy, energy availability and cost gets the full significance of the production chain. Today, the reactive power compensation imperative for several reasons:

  1. Reactive power compensation improves the availability of the substation by force, which can often delay the expansion of the capacity of the substation;
  2. Relieves power cables to the drive, especially when the supply cables that extend from the substation to the facility;
  3. Reactive power compensation significantly reduces the bill for reactive power, because the power factor is larger, the smaller the amount of bills for electricity, which is calculated in charge “Power Supply”. Investing in reactive power compensation is worth it for about a year of operation of the facility;
  4. Reactive power compensation, given the huge contribution to the total energy stability of the country. Poor power factor is less than 0.95, contributes to reactive power that no one serves and represents a net loss of energy producers. Successful compensation prevents the occurrence of losses in the energy system, so that consumers who really need electricity to facilitate access to it, while not endangering the stability of the national energy distribution.

From all of the above reactive energy compensation will be a legal obligation of all consumers who are at measuring reactive energy, mainly refers to the industry in all branches of industry.

Successful reactive power compensation is not a naive thing. Preceded by a good conceptual design and electrical measurements with certified devices, since poor compensation can cause significant problems at the facility.